Bubble Map Diagram

Since 2016, Ceramics Monthly reorganized the content in their magazine. One of the changes included adding a section called Studio Visits. This a fantastic section that highlights daily lives of artists as well as their education and their training.

It's important for students to understand that in order for an artist (of any medium) to survive, the artist must be able to combine art with industry. The artist must constantly refine their craft, stay current, network with the community and afar, and even go as far as reinvent themselves if necessary.

Making art is not only great, but it's often an overshadowed necessity of life. We humans are the only creatures on this planet that think abstractly, construct with a purpose (along with making tools to aid in construction), and value the esthetic of whatever is constructed beyond the functional purpose. Art also represent the finer things in life. All of this makes the industry of art indispensable.

For the Bubble Map Diagram, the students are to choose and read an article from Ceramics Monthly from until 2016 to present. After that, they are to organize the following information into an inovative chart.

Click on the image of the Ceramics Monthly cover to the right and read a Studio Visit article of your choice.

Organize what you read into the following categories (similar to the chart to the left)

Education - Degrees from various universities, internships, and/or work experience

Style - This would be a style they're known for; their artistice signiture if you will

Interesting Facts - Anything related or nonrelated to their art career

Visual Samples - color is preferred

Time Delegation - How much time (hours in a day, overall percentage, etc.) does the artist spend: making art, advertising, teaching, managing their website, connecting with studios





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